Italians Doing Good for Cambodia

Discover ethical organisations and sustainable initiatives where Italians in Cambodia are making a difference for the local community.

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Italian People Doing Good

Meet the Italians  engaged in sustainable initiatives,  discover their stories and how they are making a difference.

Meet Francesco Carocci

CEO at Khmer Green Charcoal

Italian socially responsible organisations in Cambodia

Find out who they are and what they do to make a sustainable impact in Cambodia.

KGC – Khmer Green Charcoal



Phnom Penh

100% recyclable high quality char briquettes




Phnom Penh, Siem Reap

Bags with a soul

Sustainable and Ethical Shopping

Buy made-by-Italian products which are helping the local Cambodian community.

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Premium Eco Char Briquettes

From Khmer Green Charcoal Co., Ltd.


Flyby Backpack by Smateria

From Smateria

Would you like to do good for Cambodia yourself?

Here some ideas on how you can actively contribute, too ! 



Guided Factory Tour

Khmer Green Charcoal is opening their factory in Phnom Penh for a free guided tour.

Khmer Green Charcoal Co., Ltd.

Phnom Penh