Develop Talents in Cambodia

ICBA International Internship Program

Building cultural bridges between Italy and Cambodia for talented young professionals

What is it?

  • Developing  Talents in Cambodia” is an internship and mentorship programme that offers students, graduates, and young professionals from Italian universities the opportunity to understand Italian businesses in the Cambodian market and observe how an Italian Chamber of Commerce works abroad.
  • Due to COVID-19 travel constraints, the programme to work within Cambodia has been suspended and replaced by a virtual programme allowing students to still undertake an ICBA internship from home.
  • We plan to resume traditional in-the-field projects, allowing our students to work in Cambodia as soon as travel restrictions to Cambodia are fully lifted and continue online projects.

Results so far as of May 2022

  • Participation of 25 students with over 530 hours of tutorship provided.

Benefits for Participants

Learn and gain experience

You will develop awareness of trade issues, understand the needs and opportunities of Italian businesses in the Cambodian market, and put theories into practice.

Build your capacity

Learn how to use digital tools, work independently and flexibly with project-based assignments that refine your work-from-home skillset.

Increase global network

From the comfort of your own home, build and reach a wide, international network of professionals.

Personalized learning

Review your progress through video-calls and gain personalised learning opportunities with your dedicated, experienced tutor or mentor.

Receive University credits

On successful completion of our programmes, you may be eligible to receive university credits. Check with your university for criteria and eligibility.

Grow for success

Due to distance-learning, to succeed you will need to be proactive, show initiative, demonstrate discipline and organisation. These are invaluable skills for your resume.

How to join ?


Guidelines for Students

Is your university enlisted in the program? Virtual internships are currently only offered through Italy-based universities that have signed an ICBA partnership agreement. Check the list at the bottom of this page for more information. Contact your university to submit your application! We are unable to accept direct applications from students.


Guidelines for Universities

ICBA is always looking for more Italian universities to include in their programme. Is your university based in Italy? Are you interested in offering your students internship or mentoring opportunities in Cambodia? Contact Luisa Gentile. 


Guidelines for prospects in Cambodia

Are you an Italian professional or entrepreneur in Cambodia? Are you a professional or entrepreneur of Cambodian or European nationality based in Cambodia? Are you interested in tutoring or mentoring a student from an Italian university? Or would you simply like to know more? Contact Luisa Gentile.

Partners of ICBA’s “Develop Talents in Cambodia” Programme

Ca’ Foscari University

Internships Abroad Unit

IULM University

Settore Stage Estero


Ca’ Foscari University

Markeljan Blaceri ; Elena Consoli ; Anna Rovere; Mattia Sandrin; Iris Ziliotto; Claudia Demontis; Luca Zanoncello; Marco Restifo-Pecorella; Flavia Yomo; Teresa Levi; Ilaria Salomone. 

IULM University

Marta Capitanio; Caterina Castellani; Cecilia Carnevale; Carlotta Del Serrone; Giulia Gregoris; Elena Masoni; Federico Rosmarini; Maurizio Marinaro; Giada Sciascia; Francesca Danni; Mayank Saini.