Piano Trilogy : a night of jazz music in Siem Reap

The Piano Trilogy, a special evening of performances comes to Siem Reap on Friday, January 10 2020

The one-night-only event of music on a grand piano, featuring 3 pianists, all award winning performers: Gabriele Faja from Italy – who is also the event organizer , Metta Legita from Indonesia and  Philippe Javelle from France.

Each will perform a solo 20 minute set in a beautiful crossover Classical-Jazz interpretations.

Ticket sales will support the Kantha Bopha Foundation, founded by the late Dr. Beat Richner – a paediatrician, cellist and philanthropist. His foundation is responsible for the treatment of 85% of Cambodia’s child population since it was established in 1992 in Siem Reap.

  • Date: 10th January, 2020
  • Time: door opening at 06.00PM
  • Place: Auditorium at Kantha Bopha Children Hospital,Siem Reap Cambodia

Have a wonderful evening and enjoy the music!